Trax Running Boards for Tri Glide

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From Motor Trike, the leading manufacturer of trikes in the industry, comes Trax Running Boards. Not only do Motor Trike's Trax one-piece running boards add a custom look and style to the trike, they offer a patented step-and-walk-on design!

Trax Options

  • Trax standard & Sunglo paint: MT Trax are designed to for a seamless look for your Tri Glide, so Motor Trike's in-house matching paint job for Trax running boards is a natural upgrade. Our customer service team will contact you for accurate color-matching.
  • Trax bras: Once MT Trax are added, protect them, as well, with Trax bras. Sold as a pair.
  • Fog light assembly: Auxiliary fog lights enhance safety by improving the rider's vision and making them more visible to other motorists. Sold as a pair.
  • Fog light chrome ring assembly: Complete your trike's chrome accent collection with chrome rings fitted for your Trax fog lights. Sold as a pair.

Trax Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions - Trax for Tri Glide (includes Fog Light instructions)